before you scroll down, please take a minute to read, i want to show my mom that she is one of the most inspirational women i know. she has ms, it’s a disease that slowly cripples you. now she has a mass in her breast. she is getting it tested today for breast cancer. i want to show her people in this world really care. please reblog this. it shouldn’t matter if this doesn’t go with your blog, if you have a heart please i beg you to show my mother there is hope. she the only thing i have. i cannot lose her too, i just lost my brother 4 years ago. i honestly don’t even think this will be reblogged… i tried. i love you mom so much you are the strongest women i know and you are my idol.

You can throw bread at me any day<3 

You can throw bread at me any day<3 

please &lt;/3

please </3

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